Hickory SSR
15.15€ Maksudeta: 12.42€
Tehnilised andmed
Tüüp Ujuv
Pikkus 34mm
Kaal 3,4 gr
Sügavus 0-0,2m

The Zipbaits Hickory is an extension of the rapidly popular Zipbaits lure range that has taken our breaming circuit by storm.

With the popularity of lures like the Khamsin JR and Rigge minnows, the Zipbaits Hickory is a must to your crankbait artillery

 Our market is flooded with several crankbait style lures, the Zipbaits Hickory is sure to stand out from the crowd and is not in everyones tacklebox. Both models feature Zipbaits Mag Drive System for improved casting distance.



  • Tootja: ZipBaits
  • Mudel: Hickory SSR
  • Saadavus: Laos
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