Rigge 56SP
17.29€ Maksudeta: 14.17€
Tehnilised andmed
Tüüp Neutraalne ujuv
Pikkus 56mm
Kaal 3,1 gr
Sügavus 0,5-1,0m

Floating lure Rigge 56S ZIP BAITS.

The the ultra followers of the ligh in first and second categories inevitably will want to test this splendid small HARD BAIT. A compact body, a dynamic swim, all the ingredients are joined here to try lady fario and perch in adequate places. The angler must animate the most naturally possible this lure which only requires to pass to the action in the small veins of streams or close to the herbaria. 


  • Tootja: ZipBaits
  • Mudel: Rigge 56SP
  • Saadavus: Laos
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