Realis Jerkbait 120F
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Tüüp Ujuv
Pikkus 120 mm
Kaal 17 gr
Sügavus 0,1-1,5m

Usually from a wobbler, called "jerkbait» (jerkbait), on uniform wiring do not expect anything. It is not "business", thinks so. But Realis Jerkbait very business, so it is nice and expressed even playing at a very slow uniform wiring and, of course, fully revealed - in keeping with its name - with a variety of active jerks rod. The variable range of motions Realis Jerkbait so wide that you with this crank is to spend time together for mutual learning: you are manipulating every rod (and maybe a few, have different characteristics) and Realis Jerkbait will show that it is in response to it can demonstrate. Together, you will find variations which one you might not have thought of.

The diversity of behavior by a complex technological solutions:
- Sturdy blade with fine edges and a minimum resistance in the air when casting lures in the water with different movements;
- Flattened body (similar to degree of flattened wobblers, referred to as Flat Side Crank) while moving in the water creates a lot of glare visible from a great distance;
- Two tungsten ball (6 mm in diameter), moving to the tail section, responsible for long-range casting; with the start of the posting, they stand in the operating position and, together with assistants (extra balls of smaller diameter, fixed in various parts of the wobbler) provide a perfect balance. When driving a wobbler these different size balls may vibrate, creating a multi-frequency sound, which further draws the attention of the predator.


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  • Saadavus: Laos
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