Pontoon 21 Trait (TRA #1)
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Trait (TRA #1)

Universal spinner Trait Pontoon21 was developed for various fishing conditions including rivers and fast streams. The design of blade is based on well-known Swing type, but dimensions and proportions of length and width are carefully determined for each size of Trait spinner.

The body consists of a combination of balls. Number and sizes of balls are fit together to achieve the same effect as BCS Pontoon21 spinners already approved: the body is free of spurious vibrations at all stages of fishing and retrieving (Zero Vibration Body System – ZVBS).

Reverse pattern on both sides of blade (RPB) is well-visible and looks the same independently on angle of view. Color of body’s components and trebles’ (Owner ST-36BC) rigs correspondent to RPB. As a result Trait looks as organic whole, and careful predator does not grow suspicious at Trait during its retrieving.


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