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New view on usual spinners – this is Synchrony of Pontoon21!

Re-developed French-type blade used for Ball Concept Spinner (BCS) of Pontoon21, is used for Synchrony to achieve maximum free rotation under rather wide angle to the body.

The main component of its body is a special cylinder with bright bars. Being combined with components used for BCS body, it fits to ZVBS (Zero Vibration Body System), providing freedom of parasitic lateral oscillation, the usual problem of many spinners you ever saw. Casting up- cross- and down-streams, fish in streams – the quality of Synchrony's stable action is always high!

Reverse patterns on both sides of blade (RPB) is well-visible and looks the same independently on angle of view. Color of body's components and trebles' (Owner ST-36BC) rigs correspondent to RPB. As a result Synchrony looks as organic whole, and careful predator does not grow suspicious at Synchrony during its retrieving.


  • Tootja: Pontoon 21
  • Mudel: SP-TBSYN-#0
  • Saadavus: Laos
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