LIVE-X Leviathan
21.86€ 18.58€ Maksudeta: 15.23€
Tehnilised andmed
Tüüp Neutraalne ujuv
Pikkus 90mm
Kaal 14gr
Sügavus 2,2-3,6m

LEVIATHAN is the flagship of Live-X series. It dose everything MARGAY and SMOLT does, but only more dynamically. If you want jerking actions in the mid-deep, LEVIATHAN is what you are looking for. Meticulously detailed, LEVIATHAN showcases Yuki Ito? talent as a hand carver. LEVIATHAN can be used as a regular jerkbait. However, we suggest that you spend enough time to get to know what this bait is capable of doing.


  • Tootja: Megabass
  • Mudel: LIVE-X Leviathan
  • Saadavus: Laos
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