DUO Grace Minnow Elena 50F
14.16€ 12.04€
Tehnilised andmed
Tüüp ujuv
Pikkus 50 mm
Kaal 2,2 gr
Sügavus 0,2-0,7m

Grace Minnow Elena 50F

Minnow Series Lures Grace Minnow Elena from the Japanese company Duo - typical tvichingovye lures with its own realistic game play. As the wiring is good to use classic tvichching or uniform with stops. This series is well-proven for pike and walleye and small size crankbaits Grace Minnow Elena - just fighters perch.

  • Tootja: DUO
  • Mudel: Grace Minnow Elena 50F
  • Saadavus: Laos
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